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The Mission Statement

The mission of the women’s ministry is to support the church in its mission by the development and utilization of bible-centred knowledge, skills and abilities of women in the church in the setting of godly examples, dignified behaviour and meeting of needs specific to women in the church and it’s environs.Our Mission Statement: 

The National Women’s Ministry, an arm of the Church of God (Seventh Day), Jamaica Conference became an organized group when the Executive Board saw that women could play a pivotal role in the growth of the Church and therefore caused it into being.  On February 14, 1994 we had elections and the first National Committee was elected to govern women’s affairs and mandated to establish the Mission Statement, Objectives and Guidelines for the Ministry.  

The first Committee members were Sisters Jean Linton Brown - President; Barbara Wilson - Vice-President; Doreen Grossett - Secretary, Phyllis Lewis – Assistant Secretary, Jennifer Walker Brown – Treasurer, Maisie Baker and Joyce Scarlet.  

The current members of the National Women’s Ministry Executive include:
• President – Sister Michelle Gordon
• Vice President – Missionary Madge Falconer
• Secretary – Missionary Sadie Wallace
• Treasurer – Sister Una Hamilton
• Member – Sister Sherene Fletcher
• Member – Sis Karren Gilburn-Lewis
• Member – Sister Marcia Green

The Ministry functions largely within an ethos of voluntarism, community spiritedness and charity. Over the years some of our main achievements are the staging of Biennial Congress held in December, Annual Prayer Retreat - the last weekend in April, National Exhibitions, Couples & Singles Retreat, Served at the Spanish Infirmary, Staged a major drama production, Produced Newsletters, Visits shut-ins, caters to various needs,  such as, grief, loss, loans, mentors, motivates and offers support generally.

The Ministry’s aim is to have a functioning ministry in each church carrying out the objectives of the ministry impacting lives both within and without the church bringing change and growth.  As our motto says touching lives with hands, heart and ear.


  1. To improve the self image of each person

  2. To set and uphold standards befitting women professing godliness

  3. To be "Mothers in Zion" and provide spiritual, emotional, physical and social nurturing to new and young believers

  4. To emphasize the importance of sisters being dedicated wives and mothers

  5. To be prayer warriors

  6. To identify, develop and utilise skills

  7. To serve the church, community, hospitals and prisons by visiting and providing assistance

  8. To provide training in social etiquette

  9. To hold seminars/workshops that will address specific needs which have been identified

  10. To cater for the aesthetic needs of the church

Updated: August 15, 2023


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