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How we Characterize What we do?



Passionate in Worship

We believe that worship is a primary means by which we express our love for the Lord and that it should be a priority for the Church. Spiritual Passion in worshipping the Lord agrees with the Scripture and demonstrates our deepening relationship with Him.

Compassionate in Service

We believe that genuine love for the Lord will be transformed into ministry to others. Reaching out to the world through compassionate service honours the Lord and points people to Him.

Aggressive in Witness

We believe that lost people matter to God, that the church has a mandate to evangelize, that each member has a role in that process, and that world conditions call us to be aggressive about winning the lost.

Strong in Fellowship

We believe that a strong commitment to Christ calls us to a strong commitment to His church body. Building up the Body through fellowship, through understanding, developing and exercising our spiritual gifts are important aspects.

Committed to Discipleship

We believe that the goal of faith is to be conformed to the image of Christ. This happens best through the process of mentoring and discipleship. A healthy Church is the result of the healthy spiritual development of individual believers.


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