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The National Evangelism Team (NET) stands ready and resolute to parade the banner of the gospel of Jesus Christ and His Kingdom, through evangelical outreach. In the last few years, NET has used tent crusades, seminars, street meetings, house-to house visits and church planting to realize its goals. The results have been manifested in the continued Christian conversion of non-believers all over the island and Grand Cayman, causing a steady growth in church membership. 

An Island Coordinator who provides leadership, direction and motivation for his committee, which consists of an Assistant Island Coordinator, Treasurer, Secretary and Zone officers, spearheads NET.

For easy interaction with the various churches in the conference, NET relates directly to local pastors and evangelists, who themselves are encouraged to plan evangelical efforts in their own communities. Quarterly reports from these officers to NET also ensure that targets are pursued and gaps filled.

In order to remain relevant to current needs, NET conducts on-going evaluation of its work and develops new strategies in consultation with the Executive Board. Equally important are funds for its programmes. Therefore, NET welcomes donations of whatever amount from partners, affiliates, individuals and organizations that share its vision.




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