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The National Men's Fellowship is akin to the Women's

Fraternity, although it was recently formed in the

church. The mission of this male centric organization

is to facilitate the development of Godly men as

fathers, husbands and brothers, addressing the needs

and issues relevant to men within the church and its environs.

The NMF steers an elaborate campaign, which seeks to:


  • Provide effective witness of the saving grace of our                                                                                                            Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ to men in the church environs

  • Inspire and facilitate spiritual, emotional and personal growth among brothers in the church

  • Enhance the spiritual development of our brothers and to encourage greater levels of participation in individual and corporate church activities

  • Display sober and responsible leadership initiative in the church

  • Promote and encourage the academic development of our brothers and to create a scholarship programme that will help individuals with finances and/or educational materials in selected areas of study

  • Develop a greater sense of unity and integration amongst our brothers through seminars, workshops and leisure activities

  • Foster an environment conducive to productivity and economic activity, and where possible provide professional and/or financial assistance to aid in the accomplishment of economic objectives

  • Provide exposure to activities designed to enhance social graces and etiquette

  • Implement other objectives that may be considered essential to the mission of the Fellowship

The composition of the Men’s Ministry Executive now includes: Evangelist Donovan Walker – President, Pastor Derrick Coward – Vice-President, Deacon Godfrey Walker – Secretary, Deacon Junior Wheatle – Treasurer, Bro Clarence Bedassie, Pastor Dennis Ricketts and Bro Joel McDonald - Members 



Men's Fellowship

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