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The Ministerial Council Jamaica Conference (MCJC) is a legally convened assembly of dedicated ministers of the Word and theological experts, who study and formulate the Church's official doctrines and principles, as well as maintain biblical and professional standards in the ministry.  The MCJC, which was commissioned in November 2001 at a Workers' Retreat in Manchester and later launched in August 2002, is a member of the International Ministerial Council.  All pastors, evangelists and missionaries of the Church of God (Seventh Day) Jamaica Conference are members of the MCJC and they meet in specially convened workshops throughout the year. From their ranks has been drawn a team of officers who are committed to the proper functioning of the MCJC.

The officers of the MCJC are committed to: 

  • Ensuring continued systematic study of the Bible for common understanding

  • Encouraging increased self-confidence of council members and by extension the church

  • Promoting unity within the church body

  • Developing a biblical approach to formulating the church's position on doctrinal matters

  • Facilitating forums for expression of all ministers at the highest level

  • Establishing a solid foundation for defending the church's position on doctrinal matters.

  • Assisting council members maintain biblical and professional standards in ministry.

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