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The Church is fully aware that in addition to meeting the spiritual needs of its members and persons in the church environs, it should cater to their emotional, psychological and social needs.  Based on this consciousness, a Wellness Ministry has been established to do that, as well as provide Bible-centred confidential beneficial, professional Counseling services.

The Ministry fulfils its mission through:

  • Orientation which involves sensitizing individuals to the range of services the ministry provides

  • Problem identification and definition through the development and implementation of appropriate Counseling procedures.

  • Implementation of preventive Counseling with special emphasis on:

-          Family Life

-          Marital Crises/Conflict Management

-          Spiritual Needs

-          Career and Personal Development

-          Personal Problems

-          Other related areas

  • Implementation of interactive Counseling through:

-          Prayerful Bible-centred guidance

-          Individual Counseling

-          Group Counseling

-          Family Counseling

-          Consultation

-          Referrals


The Counseling Ministry hosts a special Family Sabbath in February annually.

Pastor Dr. Robert Jacobs heads the Counseling Ministry. 

There are other departments/committees of the Church conference whose work is seasonal.  They are the Budget Committee, which promotes the national budget for the conference and the Convention Committee, which spearheads the planning for General Conventions.

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