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Who we are - As believers


We believe that Christ is the head of the Church. Therefore, we exalt the Lord Jesus Christ to the highest in our worship, teaching, preaching and ministry. He is the author of our salvation and the focus of our faith. Scripture says putting Him at the center of all we do pleases the Father.


We believe the Kingdom of God extends beyond our denomination, that we are only a part of the body of Christ, and that we have a legitimate place within, and responsibility to the rest of the Christian community.



We believe that being fully Christ-centred and worshipping on the Sabbath are not in conflict. God gave the Sabbath to man for rest, reflection and worship. It is even more relevant in today’s world that is filled with stressed and tired people than in previous generations.


We believe that Bible-based teaching and preaching honour God and edify people, and that our ministry should reflect the highest commitment to integrity of interpretation of biblical truth and it’s application


We desire to be a Church with increasing passion to experience the fullness of the Holy Spirit expressed in the way we live and do ministry individually and corporately.


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