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Structure & Role of Officers

Local Committees shall comprise at least 3 members (can be more depending on the size of the Fraternity) and must be an odd number (3, 5, 7).  Term of office for each member is two years (can be re-elected):-

PRESIDENT  -  Chairs meetings, ensures that the Department is in touch and work closely with local churches and other ministry/department.  Provides leadership, direction and motivation for members of the committee and the church as a whole

SECRETARY – records and prepares minutes of meetings, receive and reply to correspondence, inform and remind members of appointments and venue of meetings, co-ordinates activities

TREASURER – accountable for the income and expenditure that occurs within the department, prepares income and expenditure statements, exercise proper control of funds as directed, administer accounts in accordance with approved rules and regulations.

Other officers can be Vice President, Assistant Secretary/Treasurer and Public Relations Officer (PRO)

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