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From time immemorial, women have played a pivotal role in Christian Ministry. They have helped to pioneer the formation of the Church of God (Seventh Day) in Jamaica and continue to be active participants in the building of the monumental organisation it is today. Sisters Borrel, Coward, Madden and McCauley to name a few, have distinguished themselves as women of integrity and fortitude and have bequeathed a rich inheritance to twenty first century women of all ages.

The National Women's Fraternity (NWF) operates in that tradition of excellence by providing spiritual and social support for women of varying backgrounds, whether they are members or non-members.

For the past nine years, the NWF has held a National Exhibition every two years, displaying some of the finest wares of local fraternities and staged a major drama production, Many Rivers to Cross, for which the NWF has received several credits.

The Fraternity functions largely within an ethos of voluntarism, community spiritedness and charity. It has worked with the Spanish Town Infirmary and other health care facilities. Sounds like serious work uhh? But the women of the NWF also know how to let down their hair and have fun. In 2002, the NWF in collaboration with the Children's Ministry, organized a Cruise in Ocho Rios and are planning to organize a variety of other social activities throughout this year.


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