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Clap your hands, take out your dancing shoes and get ready for a foot stomping, Holy Ghost rocking time when you come to our church. We give real meaning to the injunction, Make a joyful noise unto the Lord.

Music in its most expressive forms; dance, instrumental and songs- has always been a part of our history. Delivered in charismatic Jamaican style yet tempered by holy moderation, music forms a part of any assembly of our brethren and ranges anywhere from the Island Reggae genre to European classical hymns.

By no means an attempt to detract from its spontaneity but on the contrary, as a way of harnessing this special gift of God, the Music Ministry is regulated by a board of seven persons, some musicians and singers in their own rights. It exists to attain a high level of gospel music and singing throughout the conference, so that our members can learn to appreciate the importance of spreading the gospel and ministering to the world at large, through these forms.

So the next time your feet, hands and heart tingle, pay us a visit and make your soul swizzle.

N.B Better come early for Praise and Worship ; that's the joint!


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