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Audio Visual aides, computer technologies, the radio, television and print media all combine to form the driving force for the Church Communication Department (CCD). With the explosion in the Information Age in the last century, interest in and the use of communication tools have heightened. These cutting edge devices provide the church with endless opportunities to promulgate the gospel of Jesus and interact with the church's publics, affiliates and members, through relatively quick and cost effective means.

Formed in April 2001, the CCD has already begun to tap into the limitless pool of computer resources by ongoing work on this web page and its efforts in arranging occasional media coverage of church's national events.

Answers From the Word, the new radio programme, aired on KLAS FM 89 from 5 to 5:30 a.m., has been creating an even wider promotional and evangelical outlet for the church since the inception of the programme in November 2002. Plans to utilize local cable networks and commercial radio stations will hopefully take to a new high in the near future.

In the meantime, the CCD fosters constant and meaningful interaction among departments, churches, the Executive Board and other functionaries through exhibitions, correspondence and liaison officers island-wide.

As part of its routine activities, the CCD monitors feedback from its publics through statistical data collection, e-mail, telephone calls and letters.


So now that you've heard,
Spread the word
Tell everyone the Church of God (Seventh Day) is here to serve

Read about it
Never doubt it
Check out a church near you today,
We're sure you'll like it

Drop us a line
Or tune in to our radio programme that special time

Keep the communication flowing
'cause we will be happy to know our light is glowing.


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